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17 September 2006 @ 07:56 pm
Welcome to Roswell Media  
This is a members-only community. If you're wanting to join this community, please read below.

To join this community you must do two things:
1. Comment on this entry. This lets me know that you really want to join, and are willing to follow the rules of the community.
2. Click here to join. This makes life easier for me plus I don't have to send a lot of invites.

I can say that I hardly ever reject a membership request if the above is followed. I am a pretty laid back mod. But, I will reject your request if you do not follow the above.

If you are denied membership here are some possible reasons:
+ Was your journal recently created and/or is less than four (4) weeks old?
+ Do you infrequently update your journal and/or have little content?
+ Were you ever banned from another community that I mod or co-mod?
+ Have you ever gotten on the wrong side of a moderator or maintainer of another community?
+ Did you comment on my journal about joining?
+ Did you comment on this entry and click here to join ?

That is the main criteria I use to determine membership requests. I think it is fair when determining membership. Pretty simple and straight forward.

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