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roswell_media's Journal

Roswell Media
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All Members
The purpose of this community is for fans of the former WB/UPN show, Roswell, to share Roswell media (icons, lj graphics, episodes, etc) with each other. This community is friends locked, and you must join for access to the posts. If you're new to the comm, please read all the rules below before joining or posting.

The mod of this community is syrenslure; please feel free to contact her with any questions you might have.


roswell_media is a moderated community. To be a part of this community, follow these simple steps:

1. Join the community (click on the link above).

2. Read the Rules.

3. Comment to this post. Only mods can see your comments. I will try to approve your request to be added within 48 hours.


The rules are pretty simple, but be sure to read them carefully. Failure to comply with the rules will get you a warning. Repeated warnings will get you banned.


1. When posting, please label your posts clearly. Use episode titles, character and actor names where approprate, and type of post (Icons: , Pictures: , Request: , etc). Generally, be descriptive so that members will know at a glance what your post is about.

2. Use the tags to help members easily identify what you're posting about, as well as for ease of browsing old posts. Each member is responible for tagging their own posts.

3. All entries are automatically friends-locked, since this is a private community. If you edit your entry, be sure to check that it remains friends locked.

4. Do not spam the community. Your posts must be on topic and relevant to the community. Failure to abide by this, will result in you being banned.

Please take the time to comment on/credit member contributions. They work hard to provide you with these things.

Comment here, to be added.